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What It Means To Trust God

Trusting God actually means stop hanging onto the very things that have the potential to create both trouble and confusion into your lives. Trusting God means letting go of the things that we have no control over that are disturbing us, as well as stop clinging to the things that are hindering our faith by relying on the trustworthiness of His Word.

Trusting God almighty implies being willing to look beyond the very things that may become an obstacle to our ability to exercise faith in God on the ground of His promises.


The Fundamental of Having Faith in God


Faith isn’t predicated on how we feel but on what the Word of God says in connection to whom He is, what He’s able to do, along with what He’s willing to do on behalf of us if we’re willing to trust Him while going through the storms of life. Thereby, what really moves God isn’t how we feel, how bad our circumstances are, and our needs but the type of faith we’re willing to exercise in Him regardless of how terrible our situations┬ámay be.

In this case, do not allow bad circumstances to hold your way of think hostage. Instead, let the Word of God decide how your should react to unpleasant life circumstances.