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True Confession Of Sins Should Lead To Repentance


Confessing sins before God is to admit that you’ve done evil in His sight by seeking His forgiveness. But, the most important aspect about confessing sins has to do with what we do later, so this is where repentance comes heavily into play. Because our post-attitude toward a particular sin that we’ve confessed before God determines if we were sincere during the confession.

The main problem is that lot of times we act just like we had never made any confession to God by keeping on doing the same old things we’ve been doing all along. Living in such way then places ourselves into a state before God in which we cannot receive His blessings since God doesn’t reward rebellion.

Because it’s one thing to ask God to bless you; however, it’s something entirely different to actually place yourself in a receiving state by being obedient to God. Lot of times we pray God to bless us, but when God is about to bless us, He then finds ourselves meddling with sin, which is tantamount to us turning our back on Him by going back in the same sinful things that we had already confessed to Him.


Let’s Be Grateful To Christ

The main foundation of the Christian life is predicated upon Christ’s death and resurrection. Apart from Him, there’s absolutely no hope and future for mankind. Christ voluntarily yielded Himself up for us with no reservation, so He’s simply asking us to do the same thing. The massive pain, shame, rejection, and humiliation that He knew He was about to go through didn’t hold Him back from giving His life for us. This is a clear demonstration that His love for us was far stronger and greater than our sins.

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